Thursday, 21 May 2009

A very good day

Arrived at Bridges at about 5.30. This followed a brilliant day. Hilly to start the day, then the flats of the Golden valley. Weather was predom cloudy with some sun shine, but no rain. As soon as we reached the YHA, the heavens opened once more.
legs are starting to get a little sore. Rear end also a little pained from the constant uneven surfaces.

Why is it that you can cycle miles and miles without seeing a car, but as soon as you go to the loo, a car comes along.

last night we had a lovely evening with Bob and Be, Andrews relatives. Not only did they look after superbly, but they even donated to our charities. The night before, we stayed at Jaimies and Jens, who also looked after us at a five star standard.

time 6.7
ave 11.6
cal 4396
dist 77.15 (total 338)
ascent 4460


May 16th - 29th 2009 - Lands End to John O Groats unsupported cycle ride. See details at

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