Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Fort William - the great glen

After yesterdays heavy cold rain, thought that things could only get better. We had a flying start to Invereray., then a 7.5 mile climb, not steep but it just went on and on. It only took two miles to come all the way down though, felt really short changed.
Then the heavens opened, with a full on attack by hail stones the size of frozen peas. They bl**dy hurt, so we had to take cover, under a tree and watch drivers go past laughing their heads off. (simpletons ).

Both of us have suffered today. I have had a bad neck pain again, together with a head ache. Andrew has had back pain and bum pain. It hurts but only two full days to go, so onwards tomorrow.

I fell off the bike today. Just after the hail, I got my foot caught in the mud guard, and down I came. Nothing hurt, just pride.

As the days go on, its getting harder chuck out 80 odd miles every day. It would be much much easier if the weather was more kind to us. The rain is like ice up here.

There are hills up here, many are very long. None have caused any real problems. In fact,. Touch wood, the hills have not been any real issue since monmouth, except for a bit of a killer at Bridges. The real test for us was the small back roads in Devon, they hurt your hands and shoulders on the way down (from hard breaking ), and were challenging getting up them. I still have not got off and pushed the bike up any hill.

Tomorrow we cycle the full length of the glen, and will find nessie.

dist 80
ascent 3001
ave 12.5
cal 4252
time 6:24
max 31

pros made good time, the landscape, hail was funny.

cons, neck pain, head ache, weather, head wind, despite being funny hail stones the size of frozen peas hurt when standing still, when doing 15 mph its like being shot with a paint ball gun.

until tomorow

May 16th - 29th 2009 - Lands End to John O Groats unsupported cycle ride. See details at www.justgiving.com/peterkingcycle


  1. Not long now Guys mother nature has been a real bitch towards you the day you left the west county the weather picked up we have had some fantastic days the bad weather seems to have followed you every step of the way good luck lads and stay safe

  2. Hope you enjoy the Great Glen - apart from it sometimes being a busy road I remember us flying along the lochs - so hope you made good progress - it's not too long to go now.
    Your blogs have been superb and bring back a lot of memories for us.
    All the best
    David and Lyn