Sunday, 3 May 2009

Last Big Weekend

Phew and yipee. My last big weekend of training is done and dusted. If I'm not ready now, then its too late to do anything about it. Saturday was an early start again (nothing new there) and knocked out 55 miles on the trainer while viewing 007 films. Had some breakfast, large bowl of stodge covered in Maple syrup. Then loaded the bike up and set of with the Farcycles and did another 45 miles. 100 miles for the day and felt fine. Must admit to a quick snooze in the afternoon and an early night.

Sunday - early start again and rolled off 85 miles, really pushe the last twenty. Top of my legs are now a little sore, but nothing to worry about. Looking to do another early morning 40 and that's it. From now on it just keeping the legs moving, with the exception of a hard tempo and a hard hill session.

All I can say is what a relief. I've now cycled well over 3500 miles in training, the majority since Feb this year. I'm getting pretty tired of the early mornings in the garage and the pressure that the traning puts on the family. I just want to get going now, I've done the training, and I'm pretty confident about my fitness. Not sure that I could have done much more training even if I wanted too.

Early night again

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