Monday, 25 May 2009

Stair - posted a day late, no signal in stair.

Abducted by aliens on sat night. Woke up on sun morning and was on a strange planet with a round yellow thing up high which gave off heat. After a few hours it began to burn. Hope the aliens take of again tonight, i will grab my sun block on the way up.
Good relaxed ride today, and got to our stables by four, despite having to mend my first trip puncture.

no one lives round here, all the towns seen deserted, spooky.

Just need to clarify a blog re lancaster - obviously not every one there is miserable, its just that all the people we met on that particular day did not do such a wonderful place justice.

The middle part of todays ride was just magnificent, 20 miles along the Nine.

Bodies are begining to suffer a little. Back and neck pains are setting in, together with blisters where clothes rub. Bum is holding up at the mo except for some slight nappy rash.

We have now cycled 663 miles, been cycling for 57 hours, and used up about 37000 calories.

todays stats
dist 73
ave 11.8
time 6:06
ascent 3394


May 16th - 29th 2009 - Lands End to John O Groats unsupported cycle ride. See details at

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