Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Fw :Now in Monmouth

The theme is similar. Rain, freezing, but with some hail thrown in. Plus a couple of sunny bits.

two killer hills. However, i still have yet to push my bike.

long hard day today, yet again.

todays moto - which ever way you cycle, the wind is always in your face. .

cons - rain, hail, hills
pros - we are on schedule. Its still great fun.

78 miles
ave 11.2
max 33
ascent 5689
rain buckets
wind all over the place


May 16th - 29th 2009 - Lands End to John O Groats unsupported cycle ride. See details at


  1. Go PK go.
    Great to hear you are still enjoying it in the face of poor weather.
    The forecast is for an improvement for you so the song goes..
    "Things can only get better"

  2. Well done Pete. Hope the sun comes out soon and the wind changes direction.
    Keep going,