Sunday, 10 May 2009

Less Than a week to Go

Easy weekend, time to wind down and give the legs a rest beofre the onslaught. Did an easy 60 miles Saturday and a very gentle 20 on Sunday. Gave the bike a good oiling, and checked all the nuts and bolts, tire pressure etc.

Laid out all my gear and packed all my bags.

I now know the weight that I am going to have to propel from LE to JOG. Excluding full water bottles and daily food, the total weight of my bike and bags is a round 60 pounds (33 for the bike, and 27 for the bags). In old money thats 4 stone 4 pounds. That's well over a third of my own weight, blimey.

I've taken things out and I'm sure that theres nothing more that I can do without. You never know when a kitchen sink might come in handy, and I need somewhere to wash the one pair of smalls that I'm taking.

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