Monday, 25 May 2009


Very mixed ride today. A good early start, knocked out 50 miles, by 12.15, and got on the ferry seconds before it left. Had a great baked pot, with chick curry in Dunoon, then set off again. Brilliant first hour, lovely views and pretty flat. Then the heavens opened, and dropped frozen water on us. I didnt put my water proof bottoms on quickly enough so my shoes filled up with water. It ended up being a cold and very wet hour and a half. The stage coach inn with its hot baths was very welcome.

A special mention is necessary for Stuart and Ineke Fisher. Our hosts at the Bridleway bed and breakfast next to the lakes. Our stay with them was just brilliant and the food, just superb. I challenge anyone to find a better cooked meal, it really was that good. They washed our clothes, got up really early so we could get going and have up a super packed lunch. And to top it all, I have just seen that they have donated the entire cost of our stay with them to our respective charities. I an truly humbled.
If anyone wants to stay in a bed and breakfast in the lakes, this really is the place to go. Have a look at their web site

time to get some grub

distance 77
time 5:52
ave 13.05
max 32.5 ,
cal 4183

pros lovely landscape in middle bit,.and good progress. ,
cons - freezing cold rain for the last hour and a half, ran into the back of Andrew but luckily all ok.


May 16th - 29th 2009 - Lands End to John O Groats unsupported cycle ride. See details at

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  1. Well how strange is this.

    We wonder if he too will stay with us - at this rate we may never make any money!! Good luck guys, thanks for your comments, you deserve all the support you are getting.
    Stuart and Ineke