Friday, 24 April 2009

The Route

The route begins at Lands End and finishes at John O’ Groats. Most people say that its better to do it the other way because its downhill. However, Lands End is slighty higher above Sea level than John O’ Groats, so it marginally down hill the way that we are doing it. Also, the prevailing winds are south westerly, so hopefully this will be the case during our cycle.

The following details comprise our itenary

Day 1 (16th May) – Lands End to Redruth (28 miles)
Day 2 (17th May) – Redruth to Okehampton (75 miles)
Day 3 (18th May) – Okehampton to Glastonbury (76 miles)
Day 4 (19th May) – Glastonbury to Monmouth (70 miles)
Day 5 (20th May) – Monmouth to Bridges (80 miles)
Day 6 (21st May) – Bridges to Warrington (85 miles)
Day 7 (22nd May) – Warrington to Arnside (80 miles)
Day 8 (23rd May) – Arnside to Annan (91 miles)
Day 9 (24th May) – Annan to Stair (82 miles)
Day 10 (25th May) – Stair to Cairndow (81 miles)
Day 11 (26th May) – Cairndow to Fort William (81 miles)
Day 12 (27th May) – Fort William to Alness (78 miles)
Day 13 (28th May) – Alness to Mid Clyth (76 miles)
Day 14 ( 29th May) – Mid Clyth to John O’ Groats (26 miles)

Our accommodation is a mixture of B and B’s, YHA premises and Andrews cousins. It was an amazing coincidence that on presenting the route for discussion, Andrew advised that he had cousins in three of the locations.

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